“I enjoy catching up with people who know more than I do, being in a room where you don’t think you are the brightest person in there and the other people think differently to what you do is very important for your growth, both professionally and personally. The more you do that the more you will learn, grow and the more you will succeed, without a shadow of a doubt.”

- Tony Hughes, Co-founder and Commercial Director of CityCurator.

Thank you for sharing your story, insight and experience Tony!

Q1: Describe your role briefly and tell us what are the key skills required to perform your role effectively.

Product knowledge and underwriting are key skills along with customer relationship management. People skills for internal & external stakeholders

Q2: In your own professional journey have you had mentor/s and how has it impacted you/ your career?

Yes, since the start of my corporate career I have had many. Even with career advancement and progression, I have mentors at all times. For corporate as well as personal

Q3: Why is mentoring others important to you?

It has helped me and I like to share my knowledge and experience with others to be their best and achieve their goals and objectives in life

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to our latest mentor, Matteo Dayem, Executive Brand Chef @ Power International Company.

Thank you for sharing your genuine and inspiring thoughts with us Matteo — all aligned with our values, professional and personal!

It’s great to have you on board.

1. Passion

“Passion was the first of my ‘core values.’ Passion is the reason we do what we do…it’s what drives us every day. It’s a funny thing, because people can tell when you’re not being genuine…they know when you are not passionate. It shows. …

By Oris Ikomi

Hey peeps, I am Oris Ikomi, working in early talent development. I am super excited to be joining the Connect Mentors gang to support the next generation transition into the working world.

Why is mentoring important?

Mentoring is so important to me because it helps young people and early talents understand the working world, particularly in making an informed decision about their future. Having worked directly with thousands of early talents, right from Year 9 to graduate age in running employability skills training, coaching mentoring and leadership development programmes I have seen how crucial and important it…

Mentoring is not ‘will he or she support me?’ will they guide me through some of the most critical moments of my life? It’s understanding that an individual you look too as a mentor becomes a fundamental piece (yes literally a fundamental piece) of your life before you even know it or understand why you personally see them as a mentor. I start with ‘will he or she support me?’ Because some mentors are not physical mentors, they are the books we read, our YouTube creators we watch, or a wildlife conservationist that you follow closely. …

By Mark Richards

Meet Mark Richards, a Connect Mentor who shares his most memorable mentoring moments from a financial services career journey.

Mark is current a non executive Director of a number of Global businesses.

I had had a bad day at work. I was stuck. I didn’t know how to solve the problem. I wasn’t happy and it showed!

My boss saw me. “Mark!” he said, “You’ve got a monkey on your back! Tell me the problem.” Fifteen minutes later, the world looked very different, he’d given some great advice, and I knew how to move forward. The weight was lifted, the relief huge, and it’s a day I still remember 30 years later.

Another job, another problem, I had to research and write a speech for the company CEO. After two minutes writing…

Meet Ian Smart, Thrive advocate, ex Grant Thornton Partner and mentor on Connect Mentors.

Talking Thrive platform, all things community building, the importance of collaborating and mentoring.

Tell us more about The Thrive platform?

Thrive is an online platform that allows you to connect your community, association or organisation. As we are all becoming more used to working and talking remotely, Thrive enables great conversations to take place wherever you are — people coming together and sharing brilliant insights, ideas and experiences.

What are its benefits?

Thrive enables you to turn your loose connections into a collaborative and supportive network. …

-Ludo De Angelis, Digital Marketer and Mentor

Getting your marketing strategy right from the start is not an easy task for any startups. Here’s our Connect Mentor Ludo Angelis sharing his thoughts and advice around the challenge.

What role does the marketing function play in a startup environment?

“Well, it depends.

Marketing traditionally was an afterthought; the department that was tasked with selling the product after development was wrapping up.

Now though, modern marketing is fundamentally intertwined with product development, especially at the early stage. The marketeer must straddle the line between all internal teams while keeping in communication with…

-Rumbi Makanga, Strategy Consultant and Mentor in Management Consulting, IT and Technology

Meet the talented Rumbi who had the opportunity to join a VC’s diversity internship program. Here discussing her views around Diversity & Inclusion — what initiatives worked well and what challenges companies can face when implementing D&I programmes.

What is diversity and inclusion?

Without getting into a definitional quagmire, at its core when we talk about diversity and inclusion we are talking about having businesses and teams that reflect society at large; we are talking about having a wide range of experiences and opinions represented and we are talking about making sure that…

- Jeremy Boon, Analytics Technology Manager @ Deloitte, Mentor and Advisor

Meet Jeremy Boon, recognised as one of the Top 100 most influential BAME tech leaders in the UK & Europe. Amsterdam based mentor, public speaker and diversity advisor. Here sharing his thoughts around mentorship!

· What skills does a good mentor need to have?
For me this boils down to three key skills:

1. Listening. This cannot be understated. We are often so focused on replying and continuing a conversation that we do not take the time to truly listen. A good mentor should come with an open mind…

Aerate Inc

Aerate is a social enterprise that creates and develops scaleable concepts that connect and support people through online platforms and applications.

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