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3 min readNov 20, 2017

Cut the jargon — the secret career opportunities that you didn’t know existed

If you’re wondering what type of career is right for you, you might consider law or finance as the obvious choices when it comes to a lucrative salary and job satisfaction. However there are many other sectors that offer fantastic opportunities for progression, as well as the chance to see the world and make a difference on a grand scale. Here are our top five that you may not have considered …

Facilities management

For those who are practical-minded and brilliantly organised, a career in facilities management can be extremely rewarding — not to mention lucrative. This diverse role is focused on ensuring a working environment meets the needs of its employees, with responsibilities including managing the day-to-day running of an office; ensuring health and safety regulations are adhered to; as well as responding to emergencies and organising company events. What’s more, senior positions in this field (e.g. Operations Director level) can command a yearly salary in the region of £70k. You may also be required to work at different sites, which can involve extensive travel. Not too shabby.


If you have a passion for a specific subject — be it Ancient Greek philosophy, West Coast Hip Hop or the history of Feminism or The Civil Rights Movement — then a career as an academic librarian might be for you. Ideally suited to those who enjoy working in a university environment, this type of role involves organising information and making it accessible to staff and students. You can even become involved in special projects, creating and organising databases and collections of books and journals. What’s more salaries aren’t bad either — with chief librarians able to earn from £50k to as much as £70k.

Insurance Risk Surveyor

Are you good with people and have a great eye for detail? Then the role of an Insurance Risk Surveyor might be perfectly suited to your skillset. This job involves assessing the financial risk of insuring property, businesses and properties, undertaking surveys and presenting reports that will determine whether insurance can be offered and assess the likelihood of a client being able to make a claim. Not only is every day different, this career could net you a salary in excess of £100k, plus bonuses (depending on the size of the company). Site inspections mean this role involves extensive travel — ideal for those not fond of a typical 9–5 office job.

Management Consultant

If problem solving is your forté and you enjoy strategic thinking, then you might want to consider a career in this field. This role of a management consultant is to help organisations improve how they run their business, in relation to management, operations and the structure of the business as well as troubleshoot any issues that are threatening performance. Although this role can be demanding and pressurised, the financial benefits are incredibly rewarding, with some earning in the region of £50k in their first five years, which can reach up to £125k at senior level. You may also be required to visit clients overseas and live abroad for a while, ideal if you want to travel the world.

Charity Officer

If you’ve got lots of volunteer experience or just want to make a difference, then working for a charity can be immensely rewarding. This type of role is extremely varied — you could find yourself managing all aspects of a smaller charity or be focused on one area in particular in larger organisations. This can range from lobbying the government, PR and marketing, to managing volunteers, organising events and even being a liaison for celebrity ambassadors. Although you might start out on a modest salary (around £20–25k), senior posts in larger organisations can be upwards of £65k. Your role might also involve travelling to other parts of the UK or abroad, to see how your work is making an impact.

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