Disruptive: How companies and employees will change the job market — Sweden

The view from above

According to Forbes, Sweden was the best country for business in 2017. The Independent puts Stockholm next in line to Silicone Valley of producing the most billion-dollar companies in the world. Sweden is the place to be, just look at the giants; IKEA, H&M, Volvo, Spotify … the list goes on. What this proves is that it is possible — you just have to know how to put the pieces together. And in this case, the pieces are the people, the employees.

The challenges ahead

As a member of the new generation of employees, I’ve heard the talk. How difficult it can be to keep us, how we’re never satisfied in the long run. There have been discussions whether it has to do with some dream of wanting to change the world, or maybe because we’re simply spoiled and believe we’re entitled to everything. It’s neither, I’d say. I’ve had enough lectures in psychology to know that this has to do with intrinsic motivation, being supported and given the opportunity to grow as a person. I also know this doesn’t apply for my generation alone, but people in general. This is something money can’t buy, and companies need to realize its importance.

The solution — changing perceptions

As well as addressing and beginning to deal with the issues of employee loyalty and motivation above, technology can play a crucial part in the solution. This is not technology for the sake of technology, nor bleeding edge. This is harnessing technology to engage employees behind a clear policy geared to retention as much as it is to attraction of new talent.



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