Do you have the skills that companies are looking for in 2019?

Soft Skills

  • Internal ‘business-as-usual’ skills
  • Soft skills
  • Design & creative skills
  • Communication skills
  • Development and back-end skills

TIME-MANAGEMENT — Waheed Warden, EMEIA ABM and DBM Lead at Fujitsu

ADAPTABILITY — Sandra Berko, Talent Coach at SB Vision Coaching

COLLABORATION — Tony Hughes, Commercial Director at CityCurator

PERSUASION — Hutton Henry, CEO at Beyond M&A and B-urself

  • Training yourself to master the above soft skills will give you more freedom in both your professional and personal life
  • There’s a significant positive impact on an organisation’s efficiency and profitability when you’re able to successfully employ and utilise soft skills
  • These skills can be learned — to reap all the benefits, proactively exercising and practicing each in turn will enhance how you interact in all workplace situations

The Connect Mentors team

Written by Heli Metsmaa-Petersons, Operations Director.



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