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The challenge : “Live Life to the Max Fundraising Challenge”

The event was in honour of Max White, a well-known supporter and advocate of National Apprenticeship Week events, so a fitting tribute. Students were asked to create a fictitious fundraising event for a charity of their choice, but they also needed to think about associated costs and outgoings, as well as how much money they expected to raise for their charity. Each team member needed to contribute to the overall idea, presentation and be responsible for their own part of the delivery of the challenge.

  • Hamper Heroes
  • Nexus
  • RIKS
  • Safe
  • Helping Unicef
  • To the Max
  • Homeless Helpers

FIRST PLACE — Helping Unicef

SECOND PLACE — Hamper Heroes



Team Nexuus wanted to organise a sponsored run in a local free park for men and women to participate in, to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. The team allocated 300 places for people to participate in the event and envisaged raising £930 — a very healthy amount for a modest event. The team provided great statistics about breast cancer awareness in the UK amongst both men and women, showing that it wasn’t a gender-specific illness. With regards to using the power of their available network the team decided to print leaflets and raise awareness, not only of the event but of the cause itself, within their local community, and also to ask St John’s Ambulance to be on-hand for any injuries.


To The Max

Named after the challenge founder, this team decided to run a family-friendly event in a local park in Essex, where revellers could buy tickets online in advance of the event along with specific food tickets. If however passers-by wanted to join in the fun on the day, they could buy tickets that granted them entry for a specific timeframe and these members of the public would only be allowed to buy certain foods. Entertainment in the park would include bouncy castles and other fairground attractions.

Homeless Helpers

Lastly, one of the most imaginative (and humorous) presentations of the day was given by this team. The idea was simple — a local talent show, showcasing homeless people with impressive skills and talents, performing in a show alongside other local talented people, not from the homeless community. Not only would audience members buy tickets, therefore raising money for the monthly event, but they would also have the opportunity to participate on stage!

The Connect Mentors team

Written by Heli Metsmaa-Petersons, Operations Director.



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