Ian Smart —Q&A

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2 min readJul 8, 2020

Meet Ian Smart, Thrive advocate, ex Grant Thornton Partner and mentor on Connect Mentors.

Talking Thrive platform, all things community building, the importance of collaborating and mentoring.

Tell us more about The Thrive platform?

Thrive is an online platform that allows you to connect your community, association or organisation. As we are all becoming more used to working and talking remotely, Thrive enables great conversations to take place wherever you are — people coming together and sharing brilliant insights, ideas and experiences.

What are its benefits?

Thrive enables you to turn your loose connections into a collaborative and supportive network. It allows all members to build their awareness of others, to contribute their thoughts and passions and to gain from the energy that others commit to.

Where do you see it working best?

Thrive is a multi-function platform with a great range of applications, so groups and organisations can derive value from it in so many ways. At one level, Thrive can bring a diverse group much closer together. Beyond building on those connections, Thrive can allow people in your network to share experiences, to pose questions from each other, seek answers, and to access expertise and to provide hints and tips based on learnings.

What is the core of Thrive?

As one of its powerful applications, the Thrive platform incorporates a mentoring facility that can be adapted to suit any requirements. Mentoring has long been regarded as an amazing tool for driving performance and, more so than ever right now, individuals are seeking out mentors to help shape their decisions.

How do you see that being used?

With the network’s own branding, the platform will support secure, trusted connections, such as between mentors and mentees. Allowing a huge degree of flexibility, this component can provide the maximum benefit with the minimum administration.

What about the set-up?

The platform can be launched quickly and efficiently in its basic form or it can be tailored to meet more specific requirements. It’s adaptable, delivers a great end-to-end experience, and gives comfort around the integrity and privacy of data. All in all, a terrific outcome.

If you are interested in hearing more and explore how the Thrive platform could benefit your organisation do contact Elina at elina@aerateinc.com



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