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4 min readJul 2, 2019


-by Elina Hedman, Founder,

Welcome to the all new aerate blog — the one-stop content hub for everything that my team and I bring to life together. We’re a team of curious ‘doers’ that create and develop concepts, which connect and support people through online platforms and applications, each of which is designed for purpose and built around strongly intuitive user experience to enhance engagement with the product.

Our concepts are all interlinked and complementary providing solutions to support people across the HR landscape including social recruitment, employee retention/corporate benefits and healthcare. They all share our four core aerate values:

  1. Bring technology back to the people
  2. Enhance professional and personal relationships
  3. Solve big social problems
  4. Offer investors an opportunity to make a real difference

If you’ve been following our Connect Mentors content series so far, you will already be familiar with our talent-nurturing mentoring platform, but you probably didn’t know us — the team behind it.

Aerate Team = Aerators

Aerate is a growth fund and social enterprise, managed by a team of experts in design and technology. We’re launching our cross-concept blog because we wanted to find a way to showcase all the concepts we house and take you on each development journey with us.

During this launch month of July we will be posting a weekly spotlight on each of our brands and we hope that you enjoy the insight into the sectors and disciplines that we work within. We have so much to share and you will see why when you meet our concepts below!

Meet our concepts

Connect Mentors | Social Recruitment, Employee Branding, CSR

How it works

Connect Mentors™ is a social recruitment platform, matching employees from progressive organisations as mentors with people seeking out access, insight and opportunities, facilitating the placement of new and diverse talent and a network of long-lasting connections. Its relationship-oriented approach not only provides a safe way for mentees to engage with potential employers, but it also enhances the retention rate of companies hiring through the platform.

Thrive | HR, Retention & Employee Benefits

Thrive™ enhances employee retention through engagement and efficiency by facilitating knowledge sharing within an organisation, using an internal mentoring programme and employee collaboration over mission execution. A robust and tested online platform that forms the backbone and interface of knowledge sharing. It can be operated on a standalone basis or be white-labelled for integration into an organisation.

Tipi | “Teach, inspire, prepare, include”, talent matching & development

Tipi app is an authentic source of information for young people about the journey from school into the workplace, using features that are engaging and encourage them to Talk, Inspire, Prepare and Involve others — all supporting them to follow their passion. It also provides them with a platform for creating and developing their own ideas.

elina app | Healthcare, long-term pain management

Get an insight into how the elina app supports me daily and how Pete, my physio and an important member of my e-team uses the information to tailor our session here.

The elina app is designed to provide support for individuals in the tracking and managing of long term-pain in collaboration with a team of doctors, professionals and close friends — their chosen ‘e-team’. The app provides a positive and engaging tracking experience, alleviating the impact for users on their professional and personal lives.

Thinkg | Community movement & personal development

Thinkg is a movement and brand that stands for positivity, encouraging people to do their own thing and respond positively to challenges, whether in support of their professional or personal development. It promotes a positive mindset and has many applications, including an e-commerce platform for people to buy branded hoodies as a gift for friends and those in need of support or a push in the right direction.

This is AE | Technology/app development, consultancy

Apart from our own concepts we also provide services to clients to support them in the growth of their businesses.

AE is a design and technology consultancy. Our team of aerators are experts in research, strategy, creative and technology across a range of industries. We have a deep understanding of UX/UI (user experience/user interface), how to design for purpose, adapt and tailor to meet our clients’ needs. AE has vast experience in complex fintech projects, integrating design for purpose and technology development. Developing infrastructure, data management and security are at the heart of these projects.

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I hope you enjoy this month’s bumper amount of content to launch the new series!

From August onwards you can expect fortnightly posts from across the team and be sure to follow our social channels for more regular insights and updates in between.





Aerate Inc

Aerate is a social enterprise that creates and develops scaleable concepts that connect and support people through online platforms and applications.