My Connect Mentors Journey

In the beginning…..

Changing and adapting

Bashing it out

A friendship

Personal Growth

My own personal Mentor

Career highs & lows

My top five things that I want Mentees to know

It’s ok……

  1. To not build a career out of your Further Education course.
  2. To be made redundant — it’s not the end of the world (even though it feels like it at the time).
  3. To be scared of the unknown — if it were known, it wouldn’t be scary!
  4. To network — they’re there to help you and vice versa; you should want to collaborate with your network, stay open and embrace opportunities as appropriate.
  5. To adapt on the fly and not know what you’re doing! Just do your thing and roll with it! It will all work out for the better in the end.



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