Speed-Mentoring Event with Quest Professional

Here’s speed-mentoring in action with Fitzy speaking to two Questies.


Mentors briefed, Mentees ready, Connect Mentors team prepped; we headed to Quest Professional HQ to introduce the Connect Mentors platform to the students and explain the format of the evening.

All the Mentors! From left to right: Sandra, Michael, Anna, David and Tony.


The purpose of placing Mentors in front of Mentees is to not only facilitate a live conversation, away from our online community, but also to have natural conversation where questions arise and interjections take place. This is to make sure that Mentees come away feeling that they have got everything they wanted to get out of speaking to each Mentor.

Heli setting up the evening for the students with Founder, Elina Hedman, looking on.


Throughout the two hour event, the Connect Mentors team walked round encouraging conversation or made reference to the prompt-questions available on the tables, to spark conversation topics and make sure that the students got the most out of their engagements with the Mentors. The Mentors spoke on each of the five tables, explaining their career paths to date and their future aspirations, as well as advising on the best routes on how to enter into their industries.

Everyone at the end of a successful event!

The Connect Mentors team

Written by Heli Metsmaa-Petersons, Operations Director.



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